Shout about it


Sometimes you just have to be that bit louder to be heard amongst all of the online noise. Sometimes you just have to tell people how good your services or product really is, and why they should consider it. But the best way to convince people, is by getting others to tell them how good you are!

Yes, we’re talking reviews.

How many times have you gone to purchase something on Amazon, but read the reviews and moved on? Does anyone really not ever run a Google search on a company before they buy or engage their services anymore? If you’re selling a product or services online you need to have a review platform in place, and it needs to be sparkling.

Whether you choose Google, Facebook, Trustpilot or something like as your review showcase, you must be prepared to be constantly working on it.

Trying to fix bad reviews, promoting the review option across your website or encouraging happy customers to take time out and write a review on their experience.

One thing is for sure, Google absolutely loves business reviews. If Google loves something, you should as well.

Reach out through social

Running a reactive Twitter or Facebook account for your business is a great way to assist your reviews strategy. If customers can see a social account is active and happy answering customer questions, that will reassure them that communication lines are in place should they require it.

It’s also a great way to stop any bad reviews getting posted on your review platform. If you can solve an issue quickly via social, it often turns an unhappy customer into a happy one!