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Dave Jenkins
Dave Jenkins
Awesome work by Karl over the last 2 years with our website in search. Would recommend his SEO services 100%!
Lindsey Moore
Lindsey Moore
I'm so glad I found Karl! He has made a huge difference the the effectiveness of our SEO and visibility on Google for our key search terms. Reliable, knowledgeable and a thoroughly nice guy. Highly recommend.
Georgina Hillman
Georgina Hillman
Karl is a great asset for our business!

Increase your knowledge of
Organic SEO

If you’re looking for someone to work with your marketing team or web admin to get the most from search for your website, training/knowledge transfer sessions are a great option. If you don’t have a budget to hire a full time SEO, or indeed if you feel you don’t need someone full time, the training service I offer could be a perfect fit.


My Organic SEO sessions are not a traditional training set-up which normally comprises of a class, a large group of people with a full day of listening to a trainer.


My approach is very much centered around giving answers to your problems, offering up advice on areas that you need help with. Each training course and session I do is always unique to each client. A few hours discussing your website needs with your marketing team or developer, perhaps you the owner, will make a huge difference in your search engine performance.


I can cover everything from content outreach, on site SEO, technical SEO, link building, authority building, increasing web sales and improving quality of traffic into your website.


Training locations


I am based on the Wirral, so areas I can cover reach out across Liverpool, Chester, Cheshire and Merseyside. You can book the SEO training sessions in hourly blocks, so courses are very flexible. I don’t have a training location, so therefore I come to your business workplace.


The best way to find out how long you will need is to drop me a line and discuss what areas of SEO you wish to cover, I can then give you an idea on duration and price (hourly rate)

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