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Planning a strategy with
Organic SEO

Think long term and short term. What do both require to get your website ranking? What does my website need right now?


In the short term look at any technical issues your website may have. Always ensure your website is wired into the Google Search Console, this is an invaluable tool that will flag any issues the website may have that is holding it back in search. Crawl errors, mobile compatibility, manual algorithm penalties and how your website is showing across search results. Check your website loading times, can it be improved? Review your content – could it be of better quality?


There is a lot you can do for short term wins, like optimising your website for local traffic and improving your navigation.


For the long term strategy look at building your authority around what you offer, either a service or a product. If you have a blog on your website, allocate time to offer up sound advice. Answer questions, solve problems, offer help – spread that around your social community (you have one, right?)


Never be content with your content! Also have a critical eye on your website pages and postings, look at ways to improve the quality of what you offer and the performance of your website.

How my freelance services can help your business


Each website is individual, needing a different approach when looking to succeed with Organic SEO. It can be daunting because the web is filled with so much information on ‘how to win’ in organic search.  I bring over 10 years experience of working with many different types of businesses, knowledge of what works in search and a solid understanding of algorithms.


I work remotely on a monthly basis, can show great references of previous (and current) clients, produce transparent reports of progress and work carried out. I don’t have ‘SEO packages’, I’d much rather have a chat with you and offer a bespoke service that will build your business and grow your website sales – drop me a line for a chat.

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