How can they call you, when they can’t see you


So you’re setting up your new small business – great news! Most of your business will be from online customers, so you go all out with your website. You hook up with a cool local web design company, create a stunning visual brand. The website is amazing – how can it possibly fail?

So many small businesses make mistakes within the first few steps when setting up online. A dazzling website is all good and well, however was it built with search in mind, or was it just a design driven creation. The first thing to remember when building your business website is that there are a number of components that make a great build.

Yes of course, it has to look good but it also has to excel in search engines for you to see any return on your investment.

Get an SEO in early

Ideally you want an SEO in at the design stages of your website build. Working alongside the web designer, advising what is needed page by page. Getting it right now means you won’t be going back after a few months to make the changes which would incur further costs.

Research your competitors

Before you build your website, check out your competition. What’s working for them? What is good and bad about their online brand, the usability of the website and how visible are they in search results?

Decide what you want to rank for in Google

Your website needs to be built with a focus around a group of keywords that suits your service or product. Decide this before you start writing copy and building pages. It’s all very well ranking in search results for your company name, but that’s not going to bring in the money!

It’s all about mobile

It’s crucial your new website is mobile compatible. Google are shifting all of their efforts to build a mobile index that works, if you’re not compatible, you’re going to miss out. An easy way to see if your website works within the mobile guidelines is to run it through the Google mobile tool, you can find it here

Just a few tips from us to think about before you dive in head first into the online pool! Keep a check on our blog for more helpful pointers and advice in the coming weeks.