Capture local searching customers and win


Many online businesses dismiss the impact of ranking well across local search in Google. If you’re an online business with a local offline customer base and have no visibility in local online searches, you’re missing out – big time!

Google is really pushing customised search results, mainly based on location. They are making the local pack results in search much more prominent and they just love local reviews. One thing that really converts into sales through your website is quality traffic.

That is a user who has not only inputted a service into her their search but also a location, for example: ‘Where can I find a Plumber in Liverpool’.

If you happen to be a plumber in that area and that user visits your website via the search results, there is a very good chance they will engage your services. Sounds good? Well first of all you need to place your website at the top of those local rankings so that potential customer doesn’t go elsewhere because they can’t find you.

Unfortunately, there is no big magic switch to make this happen overnight and it involves the correct local SEO work to be implemented.

Try a few searches now. If you have a Gmail account, make sure you log out, then try a number of searches around your services and your location – how does it look?

If you’re not sitting pretty at the top end of the organic search results or in the block of 3 local pack, you should seriously consider working on your local visibility in search.

Imagine the difference it could make to your bottom line. Drop me a line for a chat about getting your business at the top of local search results.